‘JumpWhileYouCan’  ::  2009 Marseille

sitespecific physical theatre

‚JumpWhileYouCan‘ is an instant moment of life, a slow-down and speed-up.
a change of perception in reaction to a moment of shock.
a time which, streched in space, reveals its inner sight.

which mechanisms does our body know to protect ourselves, as to trick us into parallel realities, to rewrite our memory, to make us body-chemically high, to find ways to escape. what happens to us when being on the edge, pushed to the extreme.
in darkness everything seems bigger than it is. why ?
dancing with the shadows in darkness, in mutual suspense between its beauty and brutality, while time expands itself into space.
nightly falling, breathless drowning, hitting the concrete wall, and all the while keep on running – until the ride runs out.

the public crosses scenes, sound-splitter, voices, music, dreamlike intervoven.
an in-live cinematic work, changes of scales, wide shots, far away images, focussed actions, choirs of lights.
a performance, a surrounding scenography, which the public traverses like a «Zeittunnel». bits of a scattered puzzle of an image which does not want to be completed.

directed by: Jana Heilmann