‘Flügel-Los’  ::  2017 Berlin Circus Charivari / Villa Kuriosum

a monkey-tale, a sitespecific physical live music movement show.

haze crawling in from all sides. the light, which makes the inner circle sheen, is getting denser. it is dark and light at once. creatures, animallike with human features are moving sweating and panting through the light beams. the smell of fog and sweat surrounding me, like the calling voice of a siren. bodies whizzing falling, sibilate to the ground, rolling, jumping up and once again try to fly… trying to escape the labyrinth, to take off, with wings, from the ground of reality. who did not all try such a thing ? how many fell for the illusion to know the way ?

how many the run of the cycle did devour? am I outside of the ring ? or did I become already one of the sweaty creatures, part of the thrilling rhythm ? the cycle does not know any beginning, nor an end. equal a dreamlike organism everything merges.

inspired by a story of ‘spiegel im spiegel’ by Michael Ende





Jana Pirjana Heilmann – regie, darstellung und kostüm

Ludovit Luigi Kovács – licht und geige

Kerstin Psonka – drums

Johannes Holthausen – bass