‘Flügel-Los’  ::  2017 Berlin Circus Charivari / Villa Kuriosum

a monkey-tale, a sitespecific physical live music movement show.

haze crawling in from all sides. creatures, animallike with human features are moving sweating and panting, sisyphos-like in the cycle of the everlasting beginning. looking back on buried dreams. ever again trying to escape the labyrinth, to take off, with wings, from the ground of reality. to fail. getting stuck in being human.
metarmorph energy in a body moving through its animal instincs.
because I suspect there are wings growing between my shoulders…


inspired by a story of ‘spiegel im spiegel’ by Michael Ende





Jana Pirjana Heilmann – action and direction

Ludovit Luigi Kovács – light and violine

Kerstin Psonka – drums

Johannes Holthausen – bass